Neumorphism: Illustration

In my exploration of design trends, one style that caught my attention is “neumorphism.” It’s a design approach for user interfaces that emerged roughly five years ago, focusing on creating a subtle, tactile appearance using light and shadow effects. The concept revolves around making elements seem to protrude slightly from the surface or be pressed into it, thereby generating a sense of depth and tactility.

However, unfortunately, there’s a general consensus that neumorphism is not entirely effective in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness. Nevertheless, I find it quite beautiful. Consequently, that’s why I used neumorphism for an illustration.

I created the illustration in Photoshop, as I couldn’t achieve the desired animation of the drawing in Figma. For this purpose, I utilized the actions tool and the animation tool in Photoshop. Additionally, afterward, I finalized the animation with sound in Premiere Pro.

By the way, I named the illustration “Can I call you rose,” inspired by a song by The Sacred Souls from 2020. As a huge fan of soul music from the 1960s and 1970s and everything reminiscent of it, I couldn’t just pass by this song without doing something with it. Therefore, I decided to experiment further with neumorphism. Consequently, I must say, for now, I’m a fan.